Ordering From Quaking Acres


We are happy to take an order by telephone or during an on-site visit. Call us at (403) 243-9474 to make an appointment or place an order. We are located 25 kilometers east of the Okotoks overpass on the south side of the Bow River.

Ordering Prices

  • Our prices reflect trees in the field. We can make arrangements to spade and basket the trees at cost for you if you wish.
  • We will issue an invoice as soon as your order is finalized.
  • Half of the total invoice cost is due 2 weeks prior to the pick up date and the balance is due on or before the date of pick up.
  • These are wholesale prices for orders over 100 trees. Discounts apply to larger orders.

Tree Blocks

We sell blocks of trees and customers select the blocks they want. All trees on one invoice must be moved on the same date.

Request Tree Sizes

You select the height and caliper of tree that best fits your landscape plan when you visit our site. The tree prices listed are for trees in the field. We are happy to give an estimate for digging the trees and wrapping the root balls in burlap and wire for transport.

Call for cost, size, and scheduling. We also offer discounts for full rows and large volumes.


  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • We accept approved cheques, money orders, or cash in payment.
  • We do not guarantee or warranty product other than the title.
  • All trees offered are subject to the yield prior to sale.
  • We may prorate or cancel an order due to poor weather conditions.
  • Once sold, trees are dug, moved and planted at customer's expense and risk.