Other Deciduous

Brandon Elm

Ulmus americana

50 mm $180.00                       80 mm $280.00
60 mm $215.00                       90 mm $320.00
70 mm $250.00                     100 mm $365.00

A fast growing upright vase-shaped spreading tree with rough toothed green foliage turning to an attractive yellow colour in fall. A more compact selection of American Elm. Good as a large street or shade tree. Suitable for street or boulevard planting.

brandon-elm1a brandon-elm2a brandon-elm3a


Celtis occidentalis

50 mm $205.00                      80 mm $320.00
60 mm $240.00                      90 mm $365.00
70 mm $280.00

Versatile shade tree with a rounded spreading form. Drought tolerant and adaptable to most city conditions. Handsome light green elm-like foliage in summer turns vibrant yellow in fall. Great for large landscapes such as parks or street plantings.

hackberry-celtis1a hackberry-celtis2a hackberry-celtis3a

Dropmore Linden

Tilia flavescens 'Dropmore'

50 mm $205.00                      80 mm $305.00
60 mm $240.00                      90 mm $340.00
70 mm $275.00

Upright deciduous tree with a dense compact crown. Dark green heart-shaped foliage turns yellow in fall. Hanging clusters of frangrant pale yellow blooms appear in summer. One of the hardiest of Lindens. Great specimen for home landscape, park or street.

dropmore-linden1a dropmore-linden2a dropmore-linden3a

True North Linden

Tilia americana 'Duros'

50 mm $205.00                     80 mm $305.00
60 mm $240.00                     90 mm $340.00
70 mm $275.00

An upright growing pyramidal deciduous tree with green heart-shaped foliage that becomes shades of yellow in fall and fragrant flower clusters in early summer. Thrives in moist locations.